Short Stories

Read all the latest OddBirds short stories with Cayenne, Pip and the rest of the gang.

High school can be challenging enough. But when a pint-sized new student by the name of Baby Nacho shows up, it makes school life even harder. It’s not all bad, once Pip discovers Nacho’s special abilities. Will Nacho’s magical powers finally give Pip the riches he’s always wanted? Find out in Nacho Problem, read it here now!

Ah, springtime! And that means in Felicity Forest, it’s time for the Spring Festival. But it’s not all fun and games when the sacred Golden Egg goes missing. And surprise! Everyone thinks Pip has stolen it. Everyone except Cayenne, of course, who is convinced of her friend’s innocence. How will Pip ever get out of this mess, and will a special appearance by the forest goddess, Felicity, help? Find out in Vernal Visions –read it here now!

It’s time for Bring Wings High School to have its election for Class President. Of course, Pip thinks he’s the best bird for the job. But his cousin Dip, newly arrived in Felicity Forest from the big city of Neo Flappington, has other ideas. Who will come out on top in this political battle royale? Find out in Crass President – read it here now!

Cayenne and Pip start a feather gel business as a school project. At first it’s a big success, but Pip has ideas on how to make their business even better, or maybe much worse? Read the whole story here and find out!

Cayenne has a job at the hot new restaurant in the forest, Snail Snacks. A very hungry Pip and Plum Sauce head there only to find it takes forever to get the food they ordered! What sort of extreme measures will Pip resort to just to get a bite to eat? Will he really eat a locust?! Yuck! Read the whole story here!

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